Tuesday, 12 June 2018

 World book and Copyright Day
World book day was celebrated in the vidyalaya on 23-04-2018. WORLD BOOK AND COPYRIGHT DAY WAS CELEBRATED IN THE VIDYALAYA ON 23 OF APRIL 2016 IN THE ASSEMBLY. PROGRAM STARTED WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE OF THE DAY. World Book Day[1] or World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event on April 23rd, organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to promote readingpublishing and copyright.. The purpose of dictionary distribution is to have a handy material for the students in the classes to refer to while finding difficulty in understanding languages.

2.    Sale of magazines :- Various books on fiction and non fiction was displayed in the library. And students enjoyed visiting the library. Old magazine were put on sale for students for the marginal Rs5 and Rs 10. Everyone enjoyed purchasing their favourite magazine. Sale was on first come first serve basis.

Few classes were given activities to perform like
a)      Shelfies:- Get students and staff to take photos of their book shelf or shelves then create a photo montage to act as a display and talking point. Then get students to vote for the neatest most creative/the tidiest etc and give prizes for the best!

b)     Comic strip on the wall:- Pupils were asked to re-tell a classic tale in a comic format. We ran this as a competition . WE were amazed by the quality of the entries. We had all sorts of tales from Shakespeare, to fables and bible stories.

c)      A date with the book :- This May,  I wrapped up books in brown paper and newspaper & wrote a dating ad style description on the front. Pupils chose a book based on the description. They weren’t allowed to unwrap the book until they left the library.

d)     Drop Every Thing And Read D.E.A.R program: The whole school stops at a given time for a specific period and reads. Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) includes all teaching, support and anciliary staff and students.
On this day DEAR program was observed and distribution of dictionary to various classes was done

3.       Pustakotsav:-  pustakotsav was celebrated in the vidyalaya where pass out students of class X distributed the text books donated by  them to the students of various classes. Books were in good condition and children who received the books were very happy  . 

4.       Swach Bacche Swach Bharat:- during the Parent teacher meeting of classes the SBSB report cards have been distributed among parents and awareness regarding staying fit was spread by me. Many parents seems enthusiastic and participated in SBSB activated organized in the hall.

5.       Women safety:-
A lecture was given on women safety and how the scenario is changing and crime against women is rising. How one    can be vigilant and how to avoid the crime has been delivered. A handbook of women safety was distributed among students of IXth ,Xth, and XIth .

6) Visit of Joint Commissioner Mr Vijay Kumar in the library. He appreciated the maintainance of library and the efforts made by librarian.

7) The book Jar( what to read next):-  an interesting activity when someone don’t know what to read next….one can pick up the slip in the jar and go for the book in case if he has already read it he can put the slip back and pick up another.

8) Gift a book , Get a friend:-  an initiative of library KV Jakhoo Hills Shimla where story books were donated by students of the vidyalaya for social cause. These books were then distributed and gifted to students of nearby primary schools . The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Jakhoo Shimla  gifted books to the students of Govt Primary School, Jakhoo Shimla under a social responsibility initiative “Gift a Book and Get a Friend”, here today. Shri Mohit Gupta, Principal, KV Jakhoo, inaugurated the programme by handing over a set of books , Mrs Ishrat Parveen and the Senior Teacher, Govt.  primary school coordinated the program along with Ms Arpana Sood and Mr HK Sharma of primary wing. Students of tarun utsav participated and gifted books to the students of primary school. They felt delighted .  it was told by Ms Ishrat Parveen Librarian KV Jakhoo to further donate these books to the other students thus let the chain of reading goes on.
 Books as donations are invited from students and teachers. You may donate any book coming under children’s literature, comics, graphic novels, fiction, reference books (useful for secondary students) in good condition  to the Library.  HAPPY READING.

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